Directorate of National Statistics (DNS) of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development  (MoPIED) is the key provider of statistical data requirements for decision makers, and researchers for planning in an effort to address socio-economic development and welfare of the nation. It supports wider Somalis and international communities to plan, implement and monitor development and humanitarian activities for all sectors. DNS helps stakeholders including government, private sector, civil society and development partners understand progress of development initiatives by creating knowledge and benchmarks for sustainable development.

Vision Statement

To produce reliable data for evidence base policies and decisions through integrated system of statistical information.

Mission Statement

To promote organizational culture of positive personality and statistical innovation for economic growth and sustainable development.

Role of the Directorate of National Statistics

DNS has four divisions including Economic and Financial Statistics, Population and Social Statistics, Statistical Information and Publication, and Statistical Operations as well as support team consisting of Public Relations and Admin, Regional Offices and Advisers. The overall role of DNS is as follow:

  • Represents the Federal Government with respect to statistical affairs at the national, regional and international levels in cooperation with line ministries and other government agencies
  • Collecting, analyzing, compiling, storing and disseminating national statistics for sustainable development
  • Maintain, update and promote statistical data and its use for policy formulation, decision making, research and public awareness
  • Implement international standards for all aspects of statistical activities in Somalia
  • Conduct and compile existing national data from various sources for economic and social development, environmental sustainability, peace and security
  • Improve communication, instruction and examination of statistical surveys at all levels

  • Planning and execution of various statistical surveys and national censuses
  • Publish statistical books and publications
  • Coordination with local, regional and international agencies and providing them with available data and information for decision making
  • Develop National Statistical System covering economic, social, demographic, environment, energy and other fields of statistics
  • Attain proper balance between challenges and opportunities for the field of statistics
  • Provide IT support to the ministry as well as maintenance and update of the DNS website