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Commemoration of African Statistics Day 2017

In May 1990, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa adopted the 18th of November as African Statistics Day. It is celebrated every year to increase public awareness on the importance of statistics in Africa. It also provides an opportunity to advocate for major statistical operations, including censuses and surveys.

This day is celebrated each year in order to increase awareness about the important role statistics plays in all aspects of social and economic development in Africa.

Directorate of National statistics, Ministry of Planning in Somalia has organized an event in Mogadishu to celebrate 2017 African Statistics Day & invited all the local, national stakeholders and partners aimed to strengthen the relationship and partnership between the producers and users of data in the State with a view to enable the Ministry of Planning, Investment& Economic to champion the improvement of economic statistics for a better life for all.

The theme selected for this year’s celebration is “Better Lives with Better Economic Statistics” and focuses on the critical role economic statistics plays in underpinning economic governance that leads to durable growth, and linking economic growth with better lives and better economic status for all citizens of Africa. Statistics  are an  important tool in the development  policy making , planning development programs and monitoring the outcome, especially it generates indicators to assess the achievement of goals and targets of (NDP) along with those of SDGs.