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Economic and Financial Statistics

The Economic Statistics Department is mandated to collect data and produce statistics and information in various economic areas, including: Industrial (manufacturing, mining and quarrying) and agricultural statistics; trade (domestic and international trade), infrastructure as well as services sectors; price Statistics (CPI and PPI) and National Accounts (Input Output table and annual bench marking, Quarterly national accounts, Balance of payments, Flow of funds accounts). In addition, the Department is in charge of establishing and maintaining a business registry.Economic statistics division produces official statistics for Economic data produced by Directorate of National Statistics (DNS) of Federal Republic of Somalia.The aim of this Division to produce a reliable economic data to users and agencies including Government, academics, Businesses, policy makers, international and local investors, international organizations such World Bank, IMF and others.
Consumer Price Index (CPI): CPI is the one of the key economic indicator that produces by DNS on a monthly basis on the DNS website measuring by cost of living for Somali Consumers and showcasing the inflation rate in Somalia.