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Statistical Information and Publication (SIP)

The Statistical Information and Publication (SIP),This Section is responsible for data processing of surveys and censuses carried out, the Local Area Network (LAN), Hardware, Software, Internet, External Web Site,Intranet,Security, Backup, and Digitized maps, Documentation, Archiving, Data-bases and ICT Training etc. To accomplish its mission, the SIP Section is headed by a division into the following six units:
IT Systems Administration: Application Development Administrator, Support & Helpdesk, and LAN Administrator
Database Administrator: Microdata Database Administrator, Indicators Database Administrator
Data Processing: Censuses – Population & Economics Data Processing, Household Poverty Surveys Data Processing, Household Social & Demographic Surveys Data Processing, and Food Security & Agriculture Surveys Data Processing
Geographic Information Systems Unit: Sampling Frames Cartographer, Fieldwork Organization Cartographer, Map Design & Production Geometrician, and Spatial Databases Geometrician
Website Developers: Dissemination of reports and statistics on the web and To update the department website and participate.
Publication Unit:  report analysis and disseminate any data related statistics